Going Green Means Saving Green

Hi Everyone, this is Justin, everyone's favorite lifestyle entrepreneur.    I have a very important announcement to make: In an effort to create a sustainable human situation,  the team here at Honest Aqua has decided to expand the product lines that we carry.  Because of this we will be changing from www.honestaqua.com to www.mygreensource.com.  of course if you look for honestaqua.com it will still come to the store, but the name on the website will be My Green Source. 

Our first expansion is into LED light bulbs.  Speaking from personal experience, I know the energy savings these bulbs give you.  When I switched every bulb to LED in my house I immediately saw a $30 a month reduction in my power bill.   That's a whopping $360 in the first year.   I was even on my bulb cost on about 3 months.  So, the first year I pocketed $290 in savings.  Now that is green in my pocket for being green.   

Now LEDs also have other advantages like no mercury in the bulbs themselves.   That alone is a good enough reason to replace every bulb in your house or business. 

The transition to the new name and extra products will happen soon, so stay tuned....